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It is Hiking Time

Hiking in Spring, by Amita Vadlamudi

An information technology professional and computer analyst for over three decades, Amita Vadlamudi has assisted clients with mainframe and system products support. Trained in UNIX and other operating systems, Amita Vadlamudi has installed and maintained various types of programs and drivers, such as Veritas Cluster Software. In her spare time, Amita enjoys hiking.

Hiking does not have to be done in the fall season only. While the sights are most dazzling in the fall when the leaves reach their best shades of yellows, golds and reds, early spring is just as enjoyable to take a stroll through the woods. The woods bathed in bright shades of green are a sight to behold. After the long cold winter, the beautiful canopies of emerging young green leaves give you the sense of renewal and hope. If you are lucky you will be treated to some dogwoods in full bloom bursting with snow whites and pink glories.

Generally the same tips apply to hiking in the spring as they do in the fall. Take enough water and food, wear good hiking shoes, cover most of your body with layers of clothing that protect you from bug bites, sun and weather, and most importantly do not hike alone in unfamiliar places. Spring allergy sufferers should take extra precautions to avoid any allergy attacks while on hikes. Also the spring rains may make the ground soggy and uncomfortable to walk on; avoid hiking until the ground is dry.

While the serious diehard hikers can hike anytime of the year, fall and spring are the best seasons for people who like to hike occasionally for recreation. It is also the best time to expose children to nature by taking them on hikes of easy to moderate level.