Information Technology expert Amita Vadlamudi earned a B.S. in Computer Science from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey. She went on to serve as a Computer Systems Engineer for more than 35 years at a prominent financial services firm. She garnered a great deal of expertise during these three-plus decades, and she learned to install, manage, and maintain operating systems and their components. Amita Vadlamudi possesses a background in running multiple operating systems, including Solaris, AIX and VM/ESA. She is also well-versed in multiple coding languages, such as Assembler, VM/REXX, and MVS/REXX.

In addition to her practical work, Amita Vadlamudi strove to keep up with the ever-changing industry by taking classes at a community college. Through these courses, she stayed current on developments in HTML, JavaScript, Java, and Perl. She also attended classes that helped her to improve her speech and presentation skills so that she could become a more effective communicator and leader. To further her abilities, Amita Vadlamudi took on membership with Toastmasters International, a collaboration of people seeking to enhance their presence through powerful and compelling public speaking.

Amita Vadlamudi seeks to improve her skill set beyond her professional life by taking courses at a vocational and technical school that taught her plumbing, auto repair, and basic home maintenance. In her free time, Amita Vadlamudi enjoys volunteering as a shelf-reader at a local library. Previously, she volunteered as a grocery shopper for home-bound adults. She supports the programming of public radio and public television and enjoys reading nonfiction books.