Reasons to Go Swimming

Swimming Pool

Amita Vadlamudi possesses more than 35 years of experience in the information technology field, most recently working as a computer systems engineer. Making exercise a priority, Amita Vadlamudi enjoys swimming for her workouts.

With so many benefits and very few disadvantages, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise out there. Read ahead to learn some of its advantages:

1. Improves cardiovascular health: Swimming offers nearly unparalleled cardiovascular benefits (save for high-intensity running or cycling) if used consistently and with good form.

2. Balances muscles: Swimmers develop longer and leaner muscles compared to the shorter and denser muscles built through weight training.

 3. Good for cross-training: Many hardcore athletes work swimming into their routines as a form of cross-training. Swimming gives the body a break from high-impact activity while still working the muscles effectively.

 4. Core strengthening: Swimming is one of the only activities that engages all the muscles at the same time, resulting in a stronger core.

 5. Flexibility: Swimming in a heated pool relaxes the muscles, priming them for a good stretch. Furthermore, a quick swim after an intense workout flushes out toxins which would otherwise lead to soreness.